Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Thank you and Welcome to the internet home for Faith Deliverance Temple, where love fills the temple. As we have become part of a technical generation that demands more from our society, the church has to comply with the request for understanding. The Gospel that is preached must stay the same as far as standards but the delivery has to accommodate an “instant” generation.

I bless God for the opportunity to introduce you to a place that is build on faith and focused on deliverance. A place where sincerity of love is genuine and it engages you once you enter the doors. Faith Deliverance Temple is a close knit church that is effective in reaching lives by being active in the community sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in action, deeds, and when necessary …..with words. Our ministry is family centered and has something for Men, Women, and Youth.

I count it a privilege to share the contents of this website with you. As you surf this site, I pray that the Word of God taught in simplicity fortifies your faith and provokes you to the next level the Lord has authored for your life. Check back for updates, reports on our outreach ministries, a new downloads section and to our e-bookstore. Looking forward to seeing you again, whether here or in person.

Praying for you as you Press for the Prize,
Pastors Vincent & Toemeika Goard and the Faith Deliverance Temple Family