Faith Deliverance Temple is a full gospel church believing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and encourages the proper operating of them in the church. Faith Deliverance Temple was founded in June of 1978 but the history begins much earlier than that. It starts many years earlier with its founders Johnnie and Rosie Corbett. 


The Corbett’s were both ordained ministers receiving a formal education from a four year Full Gospel School in Brooklyn, NY. They received their spiritual education in the field while they were being used mightily by the Spirit as they traveled extensively throughout the United States and overseas. They are very familiar with the ministry of evangelizing, however, they were about to elevated by God to a new level in Pastoral ministry that they had only served under.

In 1974, Elder and Evangelist Corbett obeyed the Lord and relocated from New York City to Atlanta, GA. Once here, they visited and supported some local churches but the Lord revealed to them that there was a great need in Atlanta for an understanding of the Word in simplicity.

Having developed a teaching and preaching ministry the Lord told them to meet the need. Immediately they began to hold a Bible class in their home. Being obedient, they began to teach to whoever would come … not trying to steal members from any church, or cause strife with their ministries.

To do what God said was their intent. However because His thoughts are not our thought and neither are His ways our ways, their small Bible class was the seed of God’s plan for “Faith Deliverance Temple” to begin to materialize.

When the class grew too large for their home, it was the time to move to a larger gathering place. Seeing the need, the Lord provided a small storefront. While in the storefront in Southeast Atlanta, many were saved and delivered from physical and spiritual afflictions. The records show how many had joined but, when the Lord said its time to “Build” the people began to disappear one by one.

Following the leading of the Lord and doing things “decently and in order” Faith Deliverance Temple was chartered by the State of Georgia in 1981. Then the Church was registered with the Internal Revenue as a non-profit organization in May 1982.

After that, the land was purchased at 2063 Flat Shoals Rd. Then with only two members left on the membership roll and unwavering faith that God would honor His Word they began to build. While in close communication with the Lord the plans for the building were revealed in visions to our, at that time Co-Pastor Rosie Corbett. Groundbreaking for the building was in April 1984 and dedication of the church in July 1985.

In 1993, the Lord allowed for expansion to the temple by adding a fellowship hall.

In November of 1999, the Lord retired Co-Pastor Rosie Corbett from earthly duties. It was then that God ordained the beginning of the changing of the guard. Minister Vincent Goard began Pastoral work at Faith Deliverance Temple. Then in August of 2001 Pastor Johnnie Corbett completed his journey and left the responsibility of shepherdship to Pastor Goard.


Under his leadership, we have established outreach ministries that have effectively made a change in our community. We have donated over 300,000 lbs of food to needy and homeless families, over 18,000 hours in volunteer services to local hospitals and nursing homes. We are missional as we contribute to causes like Human trafficking rescues and restoration in the US and abroad, ministering to natural and spiritual needs.

With a true heart for families and wisdom beyond his years, Pastor Vincent Goard is carrying FDT into the level and season of growth that God has ordained for us.

Faith Deliverance Temple,
2063 Flat Shoals Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30316
Phone: (404) 241-9399
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