A partial list of the ministries of Faith Deliverance Temple, Inc.
Outreach Ministries

Man2Man, the Men’s Ministry of FDT
The church has always had strong support from women, however, men have not always taken the reins in their positions as being the head, example, and covering for their families. Often, they send the family to church, or if they go, there’s no sincerity in their relationship with the Lord and not seeing the gravity of impact that they have on the peace and well-being of their families.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary defines the word husband as ” the house-band”, connecting and keeping together the whole family. God is looking for more than just a few good men to stand up and be counted. To declare ” that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” if they are married or not. Man2Man is a Holy Word -founded, Holy Spirit-inspired men’s fellowship to encourage men of all ages.

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Mending Ribs - FDT Women’s Ministry
When God made man, he made him from the dust of the earth and breathed to make him a living soul . . . however, to make woman, he used a rib from Adam and presented her to him as his partner, help meet, and equal. The stresses of life today demanded of women has left many “broken ribs” in the body of Christ. Suffering silently with no outlet or place for healing. Mending Ribs is a Holy Word-based, Holy Spirit-lead women’s fellowship that promotes deliverance and returns strength through wise counsel and encouragement from the Word of God. Mending Ribs is geared towards mending the broken spirited woman. It is a women’s ministry offering healing and refuge for hurting women from all walks of life. Founded by our very own, Lady Goard, it ministers to what the bible describes as the aged woman, in an effort to bridge the generational communication gap so that we as women can carry out the mission given to us in Titus 2.

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Street Ministry
The Gospel of St. Mark 16:15 says “Go ye out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” which is a commission for us to fulfill. The Gospel is not for us to get dressed, sit and hear it preached, and go home but rather hear it, study it and apply it by sharing it!. Our street ministry takes the Gospel out of the walls of the sanctuary and allows us to make an impact on our community by passing out materials, witnessing, and even soliciting prayer requests. You can’t really appreciate having Jesus in your life, until you start to give Him away!

Homeless Ministry
To feed and warm the natural bodies of our less fortunate brothers and sisters is the burden that is addressed with our homeless ministry. However it doesn’t stop there, the vision is to be able to also effectively help and minister to those with mental illness and retardation who wander the streets of our cities aimlessly with no help. Jesus said what we do to the least of these we do as unto Him.

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Hospital / Nursing Home Ministry
There is much more to our version of this ministry than just the typical visiting the sick and shut-in. We have representatives of our ministry who are retired certified registered nurses working as volunteers in area community hospitals and Nursing homes to not only aid the sick but the caregivers who also need to see an example of love in action from the church. Also the second Saturday of each month, our entire ministry staff and music department render service at Beverly Manor Nursing home where we Minster to the residents in song, Word, and salvation to those who want to give their lives to Christ.

Benevolent Ministry
A lot of times . . . . people do not want to hear the Gospel for the pressing needs in their lives that distract them. Empty bellies, cold backs, family emergencies and other problems keep them from being able to hear or receive Christ into their lives. Our benevolent ministry addresses things like that to help remove obstacles in our path to salvation.

Prison Ministry
Still in its beginning stages, our goal is to reach incarcerated souls to encourage them that they can be free and have new life in Christ.

Campus & Youth Ministry
Statistics prove that when prayer was taken out of the schools there was a dramatic increase in our nations turmoil. With headlines in the news of shootings and murder in schools this ministry works as missionaries in the school system. Working as volunteers in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in our local area we help the administrative staff but intercede as prayer warriors standing sentry in each of these schools literally and quietly bringing prayer back into the schools.

S.W.A.T. (Single With A Testimony) - FDT Single’s Ministry
A ministry for all singles (including the widowed and divorced) to come together in fellowship and share the difficulties of being ‘single’ in today’s society. The Word is shared/applied to discredit the ‘world’s’ view on being single. There are several scripture references on being single (I Corinthian 7:8-9, 32-35; Mark 12:25); nevertheless, a relationship with Christ will sustain and prepare you for/in any situation/state of life (married or single).
Who’s the most famous single christian….Jesus of course!

Marriage Maintenance, the Couples Ministry of FDT
In marriage, the two become one, yet many marriages suffer due to the couple operating outside the realms of marriage (there’s no “I” and “Me” in “We”). As with most things worth having, marriage requires maintenance. FDT Marriage Maintenance is a ministry of spiritual guidance, biblical application and fellowship with married couples.

Family Healing Revival (annual conference)